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Enabling private transactions on top of Binance Smart Chain —

Since launching on Binance Smart Chain in the earlier BSC days, Typhoon has managed to establish itself as one of the most used apps for private transaction and key enabler for privacy on this chain, hitting $1,000,000 in transaction volume almost on a weekly basis.

Today, the Typhoon team is excited to announce that Typhoon has been successfully deployed to Polygon Mainnet!

To use Typhoon on Polygon, header over to and use the new network selector, or directly head to

Last week we launched a new feature on mainnet that allows users to deposit arbitrary amounts outside of the few options we provided. This also changes the TYPH tokenomics — Here’s how it works and what this means for the TYPH token

Easy Deposit explained

Easy Deposit is a new way feature to make deposits of bigger amounts easier and more convenient. You can find the feature on the typhoon when entering an amount into the amount box, instead of clicking a tab

With Typhoon we have one clear goal: Make privacy and privacy-related features available to as broad of an audience as possible. We’re doing great on, with our BNB, BUSD, TYPH and CAKE pools hitting again $1.5m USD in 7d transaction volume, but currently the amount of tokens we can officially support and list on our site is still limited by resources.

To combat this, we’re announcing the pilot of our new sub-site: Typhoon Community!

What is Typhoon Community?

Typhoon community is a sub-app of Typhoon with an almost identical feature set. The only difference: The tokens on Typhoon Community are maintained by the…

Hi and welcome to this weeks edition of the Typhoon Network digest.

This week has been great to the Typhoon ecosystem in general, so much has been going on behind the curtains to ensure the LONG success of $TYPH. Here is a sneak peek of what has happen this week.

This weeks highlights

  • Typhoon Network is now available on CoinStats, Delta and LiveCoinWatch
  • Typhoon Network is listed on CoinGecko
  • Strategic partnership with Sonar / WhaleSpring announced
  • Successfully hired a Fullstack Engineer and onboarded him to the team, finished converting our mods into paid Community Managers
  • Expanded international reach with new telegram subgroups
  • Meme…

Hi and welcome to the third Typhoon Network digest. If you haven’t yet, check-out the previous entries to get up-to-speed with how the project is doing.

This week main topics summarized:

On app volume & token price

As of today, Typhoon has transacted $413,142 in 7d Volume. This is important because it provides prove of steady growth and use of the service . There is currently no…

Hi and welcome to the second Typhoon Network digest. Last time we were right before the IFO. It’s been roughly a week since then, so what happened?

Here’s a quick summary :

We’re happy to announce that we added experimental support for relayers to Typhoon to further improve anonymity, with the first official relayer being available on the mainnet app from today. To use the official relayer, simply tick the “use relayer” checkbox (this will incur a 1% fee to the relayer wallet).

A common issue we get asked about on our telegram, is the site is displaying “wrong network” where the connect button should be.

Hi and welcome to the first Typhoon Network digest, where we’ll be giving an overview of what happened in the recent days/weeks, our thoughts and what to expect next.

The last few weeks have been very hectic:

Updates to the core system

Small Improvements to privacy

One things we noticed is that users didn’t fully understand how the app is supposed to work and often used…

With only 4 days left until our IFO with GooseFinance, we’re working very hard on getting the service as polished as we can. We truly believe we have built something great and want everyone with a BSC wallet to give it a try and give us feedback!

Further to this, if you try Typhoon before the IFO and deposit into any of the available vaults, you’ll automatically qualify for our TYPH airdrop!

How to qualify for the Airdrop?

It’s actually pretty easy, you’ll have to do 2 things:

  1. Use any of the Typhoon mainnet vaults and deposit some funds before IFO date
  2. Join our Telegram group


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