Resolving the “wrong network” error

A common issue we get asked about on our telegram, is the site is displaying “wrong network” where the connect button should be.

The wrong network button.

To resolve this, you’ll need to change your crypto wallet extension to use the Binance Smart Chain Network. Currently, we only support Metamask and the Binance Chain Wallet.

To select the correct network, click on the dropdown at the top of either wallet, and select “Binance Smart Chain Network”.

Metamask extension
Binance Chain Wallet extension

My wallet doesn’t Binance Smart chain Network!

Binance Chain Wallet, will come with Binance Smart Chain Network already preconfigured.

For Metamask users, you may need to configure the network manually. Binance has written a nice article on how to do that here.




Enabling private transactions on top of Binance Smart Chain —

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Enabling private transactions on top of Binance Smart Chain —

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