Typhoon Network Digest — 2021CW16

Hi and welcome to this weeks edition of the Typhoon Network digest.

This week has been great to the Typhoon ecosystem in general, so much has been going on behind the curtains to ensure the LONG success of $TYPH. Here is a sneak peek of what has happen this week.

This weeks highlights

  • Typhoon Network is now available on CoinStats, Delta and LiveCoinWatch
  • Typhoon Network is listed on CoinGecko
  • Strategic partnership with announced
  • Successfully hired a Fullstack Engineer and onboarded him to the team, finished converting our mods into paid Community Managers
  • Expanded international reach with new telegram subgroups
  • Meme contest launched
  • We’ve announced our first centralized exchange listing:

We have also been featured on a , a known blogger, where we provided some insights into our vision.

Development Updates

Development of system for our second asset: BUSD!

With BUSD vaults, it will be possible to not just transact BNB, but also the most-used stable-coin on BSC!

BUSD vaults will be launching this week. Support for more BEP20 tokens is planned as well now that the general BEP20 implementation has been finished (through BUSD).

International Integration

We have been slowly ramping up on marketing and with that comes expansion, we have added a total of 8 new regions among the most active groups we have

  • Arab
  • Vietnam
  • Japan
  • Sweden
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Romania
  • Persia

Price action and apps

Price has found support and started its way back to higher levels with a steady growth.

Thanks to our listings on CoinGecko and LiveCoinWatch, it’s now much easier to follow the price-action and stay up-to-date.

7D volume on the app has been consistently high, with this week clocking in with another rough $500,000 USD in transacted volume.

Meme contest

On the 16th of April we have launched our first meme contest on Twitter. The contest consist on creating an original and funny meme about Typhoon. So far the response and the submissions have been positive.

You’re still on time to participate, the contest will end on the 23rd of April. The team will choose the 3 best memes and will award the creators a total prize of $150 in TYPH that will be divided between the winners.

For detailed rules on how to participate, on our telegram announcement channel.

Looking ahead

With full power behind marketing, community expansion and development, the team is excited about the future of Typhoon Network.

We’re hoping to have more announcement related to features we’ve been working on (esp. the community relayer stuff) soon.

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