Announcing: Typhoon Community, our next step in expanding privacy on BSC

2 min readMay 21, 2021


With Typhoon we have one clear goal: Make privacy and privacy-related features available to as broad of an audience as possible. We’re doing great on, with our BNB, BUSD, TYPH and CAKE pools hitting again $1.5m USD in 7d transaction volume, but currently the amount of tokens we can officially support and list on our site is still limited by resources.

To combat this, we’re announcing the pilot of our new sub-site: Typhoon Community!

What is Typhoon Community?

Typhoon community is a sub-app of Typhoon with an almost identical feature set. The only difference: The tokens on Typhoon Community are maintained by the community! (duh)

If a BSC project wants to provide anonymity and privacy to their users, they can now apply to get listed on Typhoon Community. Once listed, users will enjoy the same anonymizing functionality advantages and relayer network that we offer on

The new Typhoon Community site

The difference — The community and project themselves are in charge of maintaining and promoting their vaults and keeping the anonymity-set up, with the risk of getting delisted if the concurrent deposits per contract falls too low.

Our first community project: MoonStop

We’re launching our new site with MoonStop, a community oriented, collaborative meme coin. Participants who create content are rewarded in Moon Stop coins which can then be staked in exchange for NFTs.

From today, MoonStop users will be able to send their MNSTP tokens through typhoon, adding an extra layer of privacy on top.

To learn more about MoonStop, check out their site over at

Tell us what you think!

With Typhoon Community we’re hoping to further push on our goal to make privacy more accessible. We’re excited to now have a place that can onboard more projects quicker.

Typhoon Community is still a pilot program. The format, rules and conditions will very likely change over the next few weeks.

If you have a project you want to see listed on Typhoon, check our docs site for the latest information here.

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